Hit The Beach

If you have been following this blog for a while than you have definitely noticed some changes going on. That’s right! All those little habits you have started have finally started producing results. You got your beach body back! Enjoy yourself, hit the beach and show off ;). Just remember to keep making all those small changes that got you here in the first place.

Swimming can be a great way to stay healthy. Like i have mentioned before it is very easy on your body while working almost every muscle. No that you are looking good, you will want nothing more than to show off at the beach. Go ahead and show off, you have earned it.

Not only is the beach healthy because of the opportunity for swimming but just being there makes you healthy. The sun beating down on you gives you vitamins that your body loves and needs. They even help prevent depression.

While you are strutting your new body up and down the beach remember to protect your new assets. Wear sandals or other footwear to protect your feet from glass or sharp rocks. Also, be sure to lather on the sunscreen. Just remember, a tan looks great but a lobster does not!

Working out is not the only piece to the puzzle

As you move closer to finding your goal of a healthier lifestyle you should know that there a healthy life than working out. Eating healthy is the first step of the process actually. The fuel you power your body with is important to monitor. If you are putting too much in you will not see the results you are desiring. When changing your diet you should always strive to make permanent healthy changes instead of unhealthy short term solutions.


Yoga ClassYoga is a great way to work your body and mind.  Maintaining a good balance of mind is crucial to living the complete healthy lifestyle. Yoga classes can be taken in a gym and many different gyms offer all kinds of options. If you chose to go the gym route take a few different classes with different themes to find the best one for you. Yoga is all about choosing the classes that make you feel the best.

Another route for yoga would be watching videos and participating from home. These videos are very well made and will provide you with the guidance and relaxation that you need.

At first yoga will be difficult and you may feel a bit out of place. Yoga will become more rewarding the more you do it. Yoga is not the type of exercise that will wear your body down, you can do it without much risk of over extending yourself. However, like all things I suggest you start slow and build upon small building blocks. This is the best way to build strong habits for the healthy lifestyle you seek.

If you want to get started you can see some good yoga videos here.

Biking Season Is Here

Just a quick post today: Wanted to encourage everyone to get out there and start biking today. The weather and road conditions are finally good for it. Biking can provide an excellent means for cardio work and it really helps to build up leg muscle. In the early spring do shorter workouts to build up your endurance for longer rides. If all goes well you can take some beautiful scenic trips by the fall.

Before you hit the trails be sure to tune up your bike. There is a tune up guide available here:


Rowing Training

Rowing Machine, Rowing trainingRowing training is one of the best complete body workout. It works your legs, arms and core very effectively.

Real rowing can be expensive but very rewarding. However, realistically you will be rowing on either a rowing machine in your local gym or one in a home gym that you or a friend owns, preferably using one of the best rowing machines available. These types of machines provide you with a very realistic experience that you are sure to enjoy. If you want a rowing machine for your home be sure to check out some rowing machine reviews to find the best match for you.

Rowing is great for those who want to work out their core, arms and legs.  This type of full body workout is what you need to begin your path to a healthy lifestyle.


Swimming, front crawlSwimming is a great low impact way to train nearly every muscle in your body. The water provides low impact resistance that helps you train your muscles. Once you get good, swimming will become an extremely relaxing activity.

In order to become a consistent swimmer you will surely need access to a lap pool. There is likely one in your area, possibly at a high school or recreation center.  Membership may be monthly or yearly but it shouldn’t cost you too much. Especially if there is not a water park attached. Think of any cost as an investment in your new healthier lifestyle.

You will want to learn a variety of strokes when swimming. This will help to keep you engaged and interested in your new hobby. Varying strokes will also help you work different muscle groups.

As I always like to say, start small and don’t over extend yourself. If you ware yourself out on swimming only a couple weeks in it will not do you any good. Start with a couple times per week and gradually increase how many times you go per week and how many laps you do each time. Remember to always give yourself time to recover.

If you have any questions on where to find swimming in your area or other questions related to swimming feel free to leave a comment.

This is a video on the basics of swimming.

As The Paths Clear- Running

The Paths are finally starting to clear up making running and jogging an option again! Hit the trails early to build up those good habits and you may find yourself in a new fit body by the end of the summer. Let me know your progress in the comments and keep up the good work!

Bowflex Treadclimber

I just started using the Treadclimber at my gym and I have been loving it! Its made by bowflex and this is just as reliable as their adjustable dumbbells. I would get one for my home if they weren’t so darn expensive. It really makes it easy to burn a lot of calories fast and lose weight. Its not nearly as easy as the skinny model on the commercial makes it look but its not that hard. Its just another integral part of a new healthy lifestyle.

Working out is becoming a habit

Just a quick post today!

A reminder to keep up the good work. The more times you hit the gym the more likely you are to keep it up! Set a daily reminder on your cell phone to keep you motivated. So go on and get over there, keep the good habits going.

Weight Lifting Basics

Adjustable Dumbbells, Bowflex setA healthy lifestyle requires strength in all parts of your body. The best way to obtain stronger muscles in every part of your body is to lift weights.

You can lift weights in many different forms. The average gym will have many many different weight machines to train every muscle in your body. However those planning to lift at home cant afford a home gym. The solution is weights, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc.

Lifting at the gym has straight forward exercises, different on each machine.  If you are lifting at home you will want to learn some of the basic exercises in each muscle group. Adjustable dumbbells (as shown above) can assist in helping you train all your muscles properly. This is because you can adjust the weight heavier and lighter depending on which muscle group you are training.

Remember to always rotate which muscles you work each day in order to recover. Over working one muscle group just to get big does not help. In fact, it can have a negative reverse effect.

Building up strong muscles is a great way to boost metabolism and burn calories throughout the day. This is what makes lifting weights so helpful when attaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, as I have said before, a healthy lifestyle will not just happen over night. Small steps are the key to achieving the larger goal. Do not set out to start lifting weights 2 times a day every day because that is unrealistic. Start with a smaller goal of 3 times per week and build upon that. This is where adjustable dumbbells are key, if you get stronger you can make them heavier to give you a better workout. If you decide to get adjustable dumbbells you should try them out first at a gym or a store to make sure you like them. Also consider reading reviews on the best adjustable dumbbells to make sure you are getting what you want.

Once you start making more and more changes you will see yourself becoming healthier and healthier. The rewards really are countless.

This is a video of some basic dumbbell exercises.

Strength Training – How much is too much?

Just a quick post today, I recently read that too much weight lifting doesn’t give your body enough time to recover. This can be counter productive to your healthy lifestyle goals. Be sure that you are alternating your training days and muscle groups. I hope to do a longer post on weight lifting later but for now this is all!

Thanks for reading. Check out the video for more.

Balance Training

220px-Model_BalancingBalance training is a great way to build muscle strength. You will also be able  to use balance training in your everyday life. Think about it, everything you do involves your balancing ability. Biking, running, walking all need balance.

You can use a balance ball or other fitness trainer. Do simple exercises such as squats in a balance trainer. Alternate using one leg and two legs. Switch which leg you use when only using one leg. These are all really basic but can still be challenging if you haven’t done them in a while.

Eventually you will be able to do all these exercises and much more difficult ones with ease. The key is to work on your balance a few times a week and remain consistent. The key is to build these motions into your muscle memory so you can perform them without hesitation.

These exercises can also make an excellent warm up activity before a more intense workout along with good stretching. Working on your balance as well as other fitness goals like strength building or cardio is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It should be everyone’s goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy will make you feel better about yourself and have a better outlook on life. It all starts with one small step at a time, living healthy is not an overnight process. Start small with something like training balance and you will be surprised to learn how far you can go.

If you have any questions on balance training feel free to ask me in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from everyone.